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Dr. Davis's experience enables her to offer effective
outpatient, individualized, psychological care. We treat a number of mental health issues and provide a safe and neutral ground to individuals and couples.
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3 years ago · · 0 comments


I try to get on the mat as much as possible. This seems to be one of the only places where I can take the time to shut out the rest of the world and turn inward to do my own self exploration in all the dark corners in my body because thats where it presents itself the most. Every time I’m on my mat I learn something new…can i open up my energetic heart a little bit more, can i expand a little bit more breath in the belly, can i allow myself to be vulnerable a little bit more? If the answer is NO i start to wonder why. I wonder why because this is my body giving me information about what is going on in my life and until I can figure out where its coming from then i am depriving myself of the power to change it. I ask my patients to do this every time I see them…to observe…to do some self inquiry…to gain awareness. On the mat is where I mostly do this for myself. Its different for everybody where they want to find that space but the most important thing is that you find it. Trauma lives in our body, we hold it in the deepest part of our cells. Its a survival mechanism to get through whatever it is that we are trying to get through but then eventually it comes up whether that be in a week or a year later. Trauma will show up in a muscle ache, tightness, our hips, our hamstrings, our heart. Trauma will reveal itself in the way we talk to people, in the way we talk to ourselves and until we deal with it…the trauma will find a way to keep on talking. Trauma will make us sick in some way whether that be on the emotional, physical, mental or spiritual realm. We all have trauma…recent, past, big, small and its nothing to be ashamed of and I think it takes so much courage to walk into a therapists office and admit that something hurts. Sometimes we dont even know why it hurts until we start talking about the stuff and then things start to make more sense. When we start to explore our deep rooted past and our current triggers we start to make those connections and then the antidote is there…sweet release and so much empowerment happens when we no longer allow our trauma to control us. So I encourage and challenge you to look within, allow yourself to go to the dark corners, allow yourself to bring in the light however you want to do that…in a healthy way of course:) I am a little bias but i suggest yoga:)